Why Use An Accredited Professional?

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In this day and age, there are many people who call themselves a "professional". But how can you be sure?

It is an unfortunate fact that in Australia, the imaging industry is not held accountable to the same legal status and regulatory requirements as other Government and state-regulated professions.

In the area of creative services, this can often be seen as a good thing, allowing fresh new people to work in this area without the restrictions and barriers to entry often required by other professions.

But it can also be a problem, allowing anyone to call themselves a professional, without any recourse, any accountability and any attempt to adhere to agreed and appropriate standards.

The AIPP Accreditation Process

The AIPP have addressed this dilemma by encouraging photographers and video producers, to enter the profession by providing a membership pathway ultimately leading to becoming an ACCREDITED PROFESSIONAL.

Using an Accredited Professional means that:

  • You are working with a professional whose status has been formally validated and recognised.
  • You are working with a professional who you can trust.
  • You are working with a professional whose creativity is constantly pushed and developed.
  • You are working with a professional who is a member of the only recognised professional imaging membership body in Australia.
  • You are working with a professional who adheres to OUR required level of service and quality, a standard we set, regardless of the standards the professional sets for themselves.
  • You are working with a professional who has been through our accreditation process.
  • You are working with a professional who is bound by our Code of Professional Practice.

If you want to make sure you choose a Professional Photographer, or Video Producer, make sure you LOOK FOR THE LOGO and choose an ACCREDITED professional.

There is an AIPP Accredited Professional Photographer, or Video Producer in every field of professional image making; you can find your professional with the AIPP SEARCH FOR A PRO.