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"I would not be on the journey I am on without the friendship, knowledge, inspiration and overwhelming community spirit that is the essence of AIPP. Taking part in awards has left me awe-inspired of the creative minds that help to keep our industry breathing.

Membership for me is an investment in myself as a photographer and for the future and longevity of our industry. There’s not a day that passes that I don’t cross paths with a fellow member. You can’t put a price on the value of that."

Naomi Reiter APP AAIPP

The right membership for you

The AIPP has two main membership levels; General Membership and Accredited Membership. People can become Accredited Photographers, Accredited Video Producers, or even both.

While you decide, you can even join as a free AIPP Supporter, giving you a taste of membership benefits.

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Stay connected

Develop your network through multiple channels. You’ll have a full calendar of workshops, seminars, coffee catch-ups and awards that run all throughout the year. Stay engaged and up-to-date with The Journal and in local and niche interest Chapters.

Advice & Mentors

Submit your work for peer review and receive guidance from experts. Jump into discussions with a community of individuals who’ve had proven success in the field. They’ll give you straight answers on everything from mastering your edit, finding an audience, and quoting your work.

Friendship. Knowledge. Experience. Confidence. Connections.

And most importantly, the opportunity to give back to the profession I love - the way that other members gave to me when I first joined. Membership of the AIPP isn’t expensive, it’s priceless.

Peter Eastway FAIPP Hon FAIPP APPL GMPhotogII

Exclusive Offers

Access benefits with camera brands, retailers, art galleries, software companies, magazines and other leaders in travel, technology and business. Through AIPP's growing list of industry partners, you’ll have access to VIP offers and discounts, some aren’t accessible anywhere else!

Resource library

View over 100 hours of video with image critiques, panel discussions, workshops and presentations from world-class speakers such as Jerry Ghionis, Michael Kenna, Stephen Dupont, Tony Hewitt  and Alexia Sinclair. Keep informed with The Journal each month. Access templates, specimen contracts, guides and more to help your business.

Some of my most admired photographers whom I would never have thought I would have the nerve to speak to, I now have drinks with.

My business would absolutely not be as successful as it is without the help, inspiration and referrals that have come from being a member.

Kelly Barker APPL MPhotogII

Be recognised

AIPP hosts world-class awards across photography and video. These capture the essence of storytelling, technical ability and innovation in these mediums.

Utilise the Accredited brand logos to differentiate yourself in a highly competitive and unregulated industry and highlight your professional status.

Amplify your voice

By becoming an AIPP member, you’re advocating for the betterment of the photography and video industry. The peak representative body for image-makers, AIPP advise government departments, legislators and the ATO on matters ranging from copyright, tax treatment of photographic assets, access to public spaces and more. 

"Best decision I ever made. The friendships, the advice, and the celebration of photography. I wish I had joined earlier. I have learnt so much and my photography accelerated after joining.

Like all things though, you only get out of it what you put in. I get involved and volunteer where I can, I run the Perth Commercial chapter and attend as many events as possible.

So for me the AIPP isn't just an organisation, it's a family."

Mark Brierley APP AAIPP

AIPP Membership (9)

Explore AIPP benefits in detail

AIPP Supporter

Get a taste of what the AIPP is about and keep informed via our email newsletter.

  • Access to website, blog, YouTube channel
  • Access to ticketed member events including gala events
  • Access to a Trade Partner Discount
  • One featured video per month from the AIPP library
  • Access to current Journal online magazine
  • Receive AIPP email updates on industry news and events
  • Able to enter select AIPP Awards

Become an AIPP Supporter

AIPP Membership (1)

General Member
$10 per month

Access great member benefits for the low price of $10 per month and be a part of the AIPP community.

  • All AIPP Supporter benefits and;
  • Join, start and run AIPP Chapters
  • All Trade Partner discounts
  • AIPP Video Library
  • AIPP Podcast (coming soon)
  • The Journal online magazine
  • Access publications archive
  • Specimen contracts and business resources
  • Members Only AIPP Facebook Community
  • Able to nominate for AIPP Board & Committees
  • Able to enter all AIPP Awards as a General Member
  • Accumulate Service Merit Points
  • Have a voice in photography and video industries

Become an AIPP General Member

Accredited Members
$39 per month

The pinnacle of AIPP membership, achieving accreditation in your chosen skills and accessing all AIPP benefits.

  • All supporter and General Member benefits and;
  • Use of AIPP Accredited Logos
  • Promote your services on AIPP Professional Directory
  • Considered to attend judges training and become an AIPP Judge
  • Considered to speak and present at online and in-person events
  • Considered to deliver AIPP workshops
  • Considered to become paid AIPP Folio Assessor
  • Access to AIPP Affiliate Program
  • Earn Merit Points and Awards Achievements (Associate / Master / Grandmaster)
  • Eligible to win APPA Awards Categories
  • Post your own photography or video events to AIPP Events Calendar
  • Considered for featuring on AIPP social media pages

Apply for Photography Accreditation

Apply for Video Accreditation

"I have actively chosen to continue my AIPP membership to ensure I get the very best of industry knowledge and trends in Australian photography.

I'm constantly wowed by the work that its members create, both for their artistic values as well as their technical skills both in-camera and in post-production.

I'm working towards having a folio reviewed in my quiet pursuit of professional photography. I look forward to doing so side by side with AIPP."

Kelly Mathews
2020 TAFE Brisbane Student of the Year

"I’d rate joining the AIPP as one of the best things I have ever done to improve my photography.

In 5 years I have been catapulted from an amateur with no photography network to turning pro and having a really strong group of friends from across Australia who I get to bounce ideas across.

The only other thing that has come close to the benefit is learning to print. You get what you put into things but I would say the value for money is a no-brainer. If you reframe the question 'should I spend X$’s on a new lens/flash/bag/camera etc.' there is no question in my mind where I would first invest."

Chris Saunders APP AAIPP

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