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Set up your password

Any time you wish to login click on the Members Home option in the top navigation menu. If you are already logged in this will take you right to all the exclusive content for your membership. If you are not logged in you will see the login page which prompts you for your username/email and password.

Your username is your AIPP membership number, or you can also login with the email address attached to your AIPP membership. As your password is encrypted, we cannot bring that from the old site to the new one, so we kindly ask that you reset your password. You can do this via the login page, or by clicking the link provided.

You will then receive an email to confirm your password reset and allow you to choose a new password.

Should you have any difficulties with this process, you may email admin@aipp.com.au and our admin team can set a temporary password for you. For security reasons, we are unable to see any passwords you have set yourself and can only create new ones.

Access your account details

Now that you're logged in, it's a good time to confirm your account details. You can do this by clicking Manage my membership which is underneath your welcome message.

Or you can use the accordion menu below (which we'll go through in a moment) to select My Membership, and then Update My Details.

Both of these links will take you to your Account Page.

Select Manage my membership

Your accounts page

There's plenty to look at under your accounts page.

Under the Home link you can edit your personal details, as well as your website, social media links, and accredited members can use the Opt-In checkbox to appear in our front-page member's search.

Be sure to click the Profile Image link and set yourself up with your headshot or logo for your search profile too!

Subscriptions is where you can update your payment details and check on your membership level. For some members you won't need to add your payment details until your annual membership runs out. For others you may need to enter your payment details immediately if they have expired.

Payments is where you can view the payments you have made on your membership, useful at tax time.

Upcoming Events will tell you what events you've registered for that are coming up.

Orders will show you what you have purchased from the AIPP online store. Right now there is only the AIPP print cases, however, we have lots of exciting merchandise to come in 2021!

Logout will log you out from the website. If you are sharing a public computer this is important, and you can also logout from the Members Home main view directly under the Manage my membership link.

Exploring Members Home

The Members Home is where you can access some of the great benefits of being an AIPP Member!

Directly under your details are the Upcoming Events Near You which will include events in the state you are currently in as well as national online events. Don't forget you can also view the Events page for a full listing.

Your main way of accessing content is via the accordion menu below your membership details.

It has four sections - Get Involved!, Member Resources, AIPP and My Membership. When you click on each title, the accordion menu will expand to show you the options within.

Get Involved! is all the ways you can jump into the action. Be sure to join our AIPP Members' Only Facebook Group, get to know your AIPP Local Council, learn more about Volunteering Opportunities and more!

Member Resources is the good stuff. Over 100 hours of Video Content from leading photographers, Trade Partner Offers, Specimen Contracts, AIPP Logos,  Factsheets, Publications and more!

AIPP Information is where you can learn more about how the AIPP runs, its policies and procedures, history, initiatives and the compliance area.

My Membership is where you can maintain your membership details, including Service Merit Points which you receive from volunteering.

A view of the Accordian Menu
Accordian Menu expanded to show the Member Resources.

Additional Assistance

If you need any help you can contact us on 1300 685 334 Monday - Friday, 9AM - 5PM AEST or email admin@aipp.com.au at any time. There is lots to explore on the new website, so pour yourself a coffee, tea, or even a cheeky red and get to know it! Just be careful clicking on the Free Video Content link as you may become enthralled for hours!