The AIPP is focused on maintaining and improving, not only the imaging standards but also the professional and ethical business practices of professional photographers and professional video producers.

All Accredited Professional Photographers and Accredited Professional Video Producers have been through the AIPP accreditation process and are bound by the AIPP Code of Professional Practice.

We generally receive very few complaints about our members. However, if you do feel an Accredited Professional Photographer or an Accredited Professional Video Producer has breached this code of professional practice, please follow this process:

  1. Check that the professional in question is indeed an Accredited Professional. You can check for current Accredited Members by using the photographer search on the front page. If the photographer you are querying does not show up in this search they may not be a member. You can confirm this by emailing (but for confidentiality, please do not include details of your complaint).
  2. It is easy to visually see on a photographer's business documents and website or marketing material if they are an AIPP Accredited Member, simply look for the registered Accredited Professional Photographer or Accredited Professional Video Producer logo. Only current Accredited Professionals are allowed to use this logo.
  3. If the practitioner in question IS an Accredited Professional and you wish to register a complaint, please read and understand the AIPP compliance process below and use the online form provided.

Please remember, the AIPP is not a legal service, and we cannot give legal advice. Once a complaint form has been registered it will be dealt with by the AIPP compliance committee.

Look for an accredited professional. Look for the logo.

AIPP Accredited - APP Black Square
AIPP Accredited - APP White Square
AIPP Accredited - APP Black Circle
AIPP Accredited - APP White Circle
AIPP Accredited - APVP Black Square
AIPP Accredited - APVP White Square

The AIPP Complaints Management Process

The AIPP Complaints Process - Protocol

The AIPP complaints process is based around the following protocol:

1. Once you have lodged your complaint via the form below, you will receive an acknowledgement that your complaint has been received.

2. The complaint form will be checked to clarify that a potential breach of the AIPP Code of Professional Practice has in fact occurred.

3. If in the opinion of the AIPP Compliance Committee no breach of the code has occurred, the complainant will be notified to this effect, and the complaint will be closed with no further action necessary.

4. If in the opinion of the AIPP Compliance Committee a potential breach of the code has occurred, the complainant will be notified to this effect.

5. The AIPP Compliance Committee meet on a monthly or ad hoc basis as required to review all membership complaints. If, following point 4 above, a new complaint is to be reviewed, that review will take place at the first meeting of the Compliance Committee that occurs after point 4.

The Compliance Committee may decide to take no further action if:

  1. The complaint does not raise issues that require investigation
  2. There is no prospect that the complaint can be resolved
  3. The complaint relates to in incident/issue that is more than 2 years old and there is no reason for the delayed complaint submission
  4. The complaint is frivolous, vexatious or not made in good faith
  5. The person making the complaint has not provided additional information requested within a reasonable time frame
6. The compliance committee will, within 21 days of their initial review, write to the complaint defendant with an outline of the complaint allegations, requesting a written response within a further 21 days. If no written response is received without any agreed extenuating circumstances, the compliance committee will proceed to a decision outcome regardless.
7. Within 14 days of this meeting the person who is the subject of the complaint will receive formal notice of the outcome and will be given a further 21 days to respond and/or comply with the proposed sanctions.
8. Any appeal against these proposed sanctions must be notified, in writing, to the Compliance Committee within 10 days of point 7 above. New evidence must be presented in support of any appeal to be heard. All Compliance Committee appeals are heard by the AIPP board, whose review decision is final and cannot be the subject of further appeal.

The Complaints Process - Possible Outcomes

The AIPP is a voluntary membership organisation. Our standards have been carefully developed and refined over many years. The ultimate sanction we can apply for consistent breach of our standards is the removal of membership with the consequent implications upon a member's ability to practice as a professional (or aspiring professional) image-maker. This is not a sanction we take lightly.

Before we take this ultimate sanction we record upheld complaints to enable us to monitor if there is a pattern of inappropriate behaviour. During this phase, we will ask a member to remedy any breaches, and we may ask a member, if they are in a position of influence within the AIPP, to step down from that position of influence.

If you have read and understood the above, and you still wish to register a complaint about an AIPP member, please click here to submit a  complaints registration form.

Report AIPP Logo Misuse

What happens when someone ceases to be an AIPP Accredited Professional Photographer, Accredited Professional Video Producer or Trade Partner / Sponsor or is unauthorised to use an AIPP registered trademark ® logo?

The APP and APVP logos are important points of difference in our profession and something that every Accredited member should be proud of and protect.

Situations arise where it is brought to our attention that an individual is incorrectly representing themselves as an AIPP Accredited Professional Photographer and using the APP logo or Accredited Professional Video Producer and using the APVP logo. There could also be organisations misrepresenting as an AIPP Trade Partner / Sponsor using the AIPP Trade Partner logo.

Report misuse of the APP or APVP Logo

To report possible logo misuse, please contact with the subject line including ‘Logo Misuse’. Include as much detail as possible including direct links to any webpages that may include the misused logo, screenshots of any digital graphics that may contain the logo, or a photo of any use of the logo in print or signage.

While the AIPP recognise that most logo misuse is accidental, continued use after being approached by AIPP representatives may result in legal action to defend the registered trademarks.

Membership and Accreditation Review

If you believe the image-making standard of a current Accredited Professional Photographer or Accredited Professional Video Producer falls below the current high standards we set, you can request the AIPP MAC (Membership & Accreditation Committee) instigate a review process.

To request a review process click the button below.

The MAC will, upon receipt of a review request assess the following:

  • The circumstances that have given rise to the review request
  • The circumstances pertaining to the member who is the subject of the review request
  • The public persona presented by the member who is the subject of the review request, including "Search For A Pro" profiles, AIPP micro site profiles and their own website.

If following this initial review, the MAC decide there are reasons to continue, a formal review will take place, which may require the submission and assessment of a new image portfolio for review by the MAC.

If a member's portfolio is assessed in this manner, and it is decided this portfolio does not meet the AIPP Professional Standards, the member will be asked to revert to AIPP Emerging Membership until such time as they are able to submit a new portfolio which reaches our minimum professional standards.

The AIPP Compliance Appeal Process

If as a consequence of the compliance process, a member of the public feels that a complaint lodged by them has been unfairly concluded without action, that person has the right to appeal.

All appeals must be submitted within 21 days of the notification of the compliance committee findings and must be submitted using the appeal form below.

An appeal may be heard only on the proviso that new evidence is provided. If new evidence is not provided, the original decision of the compliance committee will stand.

The Publishing of Compliance Decisions

The information regarding members whose membership has been revoked or suspended will not be published on the AIPP website or discussed in AIPP social media.

Why? The legal implications are difficult to contemplate if notice is given to anyone other than the Board, the Compliance Committee, and the disciplined member. Having these decisions in the public domain could result in unconstructive and even libellous comments. AIPP cannot put itself in the position of having to defend potential legal action based on uninformed comments.  The circumstances will also vary from case to case, making exemptions an unnecessary complication.

The AIPP Compliance Committee

Ian van

Ian van der Wolde FAIPP HonFAIPP APPL MPhotogIV
AIPP Compliance Committee Chair

Ian van der Wolde the current chair of the compliance committee, is a past AIPP National President, and long term highly respected member. Ian has dedicated his time to the AIPP Compliance Committee for a number of years.