About AIPP Awards

The AIPP run several annual competitions for both photography and video production, accessible through the aippawards.com.au website.

At the AIPP we pride ourselves on producing world-class award events every year, with photography judged online, and in print, and competitions for video production.

We have created a variety of award events so photographers and video producers can foster their skills and compare their work to that of their peers and experience the thrill of live judging… there’s nothing quite like it to get the adrenaline pumping!

All AIPP awards are assessed by judges who participate in our world-class Judge Development Program. This program is extended to Accredited Members of the AIPP and is updated annually to remain relevant and on-trend. AIPP judges practise analysing images in workshop settings and hone their critical language and vocabulary during the program. When you enter an AIPP awards event, you will have well-educated, professional photographers and video producers judge your work and the feedback you receive from this experience is invaluable.

You may enter the awards to learn, to challenge yourself, or to push your photography to new heights…but did we also mention that it’s fun?! At the heart of the AIPP is our community and awards events allow us to come together online and in-person to celebrate photography and cheer each other on from the sidelines.

Our members return to our award events each year for the thrill of spending time with others in rooms that are buzzing with creative energy, and for the opportunity to be surrounded by incredibly impressive examples of photographic art. However, our awards events are also open to the public and free to attend – we welcome all!


Our photography awards are designed for photographers of all levels to compete and receive valuable feedback on their work. The beauty of our program is that we also invite students, general members and even members of the general public to compete right alongside the pros. Entries into our awards are always anonymous which affords the chance to “throw your hat in the ring” and measure your work against that of professional photographers who have been in the industry for years.

In 2021, we will offer three photography awards;

Video Production

Our Video Production awards are designed for video producers, including creatives transitioning into video as a new discipline, to compete and receive valuable feedback on their work. All members are invited to compete alongside the pros, and there are opportunities to be recognised for specific genres and production budgets as well as specific disciplines such as colour grading or sound design.

We offer two different video production awards: