Still Liquid – Ocean Art Photography | Fine Art | Dee Why

Still Liquid – Ocean Art Photography | Fine Art | Dee Why

41 Delmar Parade, Dee Why NSW 2099, Australia Dee Why New South Wales Australia


I believe visual arts are a way of expressing emotions and lenses help me to translate and better understand what I see.

Looking at the ocean with an open eye and heart I find inspiration in simple details, lines and curves, light and different angles and perspectives. Ambiguity is really important to me, almost every subject matter have accumulated a representational history, so to find a new discursive space, a space to wonder around those subject matters, is a real challenge. When capturing moments, I always look at different perspectives and angles.

I consider myself a “pirate” of photography… the one who does not follow the rules, who rebels against the aesthetic perfection of pre-established concepts, the one who explores and creates. I am not attached to the discursive technical blur but to being aware, to being present and to being connected to the environment. To feel… and to see.

In Still Liquid – I discuss ocean’s multiple moods through different textures, shapes and lights. When photographing I look at the ocean searching for means of expression. I am part of the ocean and the ocean is part of me.


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