Scott Portelli | Aerial Photographer and Drone Pilot

Scott Portelli | Aerial Photographer and Drone Pilot

Sydney NSW Australia


An accredited licensed RPAS/UAV/UOeC Pilot, Scott has worked on aerial projects for some of Australia’s most sort out tourism destination clients including Tourism Australia, Lord Howe Island, Destination NSW, Norfolk Island, Christmas Island, SA Tourism as well as in Antarctica, Arctic, Azores, Macquarie Island, Falkland Islands, and the South Pacific. Logistical planning, permit applications, facilitating film shoots and liaising with advertising agencies, clients and marketing teams to deliver a brief.

Licensed accredited Drone Pilot, Aerial Production photographer (Helicopters & Small Planes) Video Production, Remote location scouting and photographic services. Destination based projects, Photographic training and mentoring, Photographic & Video consultation and training, Scouting and Logistic planning.

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Business: Digital Antarctica

Services: Photography, Videography, Aerial


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