Updated: Advice for Victorian Photographers and Video Producers

As Lockdown and restriction levels for Melbourne and Victoria are eased and updated, we need to be clear on how we can return to work safely and the correct information can be a little tricky to find, if you don’t know exactly where to look.

There are regular alterations and updates to directives, and they can be found here:


Specifics are updated in the Chief Health Officers directions in the drop down menus and it is important that you stay up to date on any changes.

We are required to work under the Stay Safe Directions for Metro and Regional Victoria.

Currently (at time of publication 11/06/21) Melbourne Photographers and Videographers can return to work provided they can meet the requirements as outlined in Section 8 of the Restricted Activity Directions found here:


Regional Victoria’s can be found, also in section 8, here:


And specific exemptions relevant to our industry can be found in section 13, sub-clause u for Metro Melbourne. These are outlined in the the Stay Safe Directions here:


Or Section 12, sub-clause u for Regional, found here:


Please be sure to follow all the health directives, ensure you are wearing your mask while photographing or filming, and have your QR Code ready for clients to check in.

Stay safe.