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(Photos and article by Melissa Wood, Vic Council)

Following on from the success of our Instagram Hacks presentation in September, we (AIPP Vic) held another sold-out and jam-packed workshop with Felisha Mina, our digital marketing extraordinaire.

As promised, this was an even deeper dive into Instagram and the backdrop for the event was the amazing space at Olympus in Notting Hill. Thank you to Karl and the team for having us and starting the day sharing some Olympus history.

AIPP Instagram Deep Dive event w Felisha Mina at Olympus Australia
Olympus key accounts manager, Karl Ludik, hosted the Instagram Deep Dive event

Dive by Name, Dive by Nature

The Instagram Deep Dive lived up to its name, encouraging us to delve deeply into both ourselves and our businesses. An initial exercise to get the brain cogs turning involved answering questions such as:

  • what are 3 key goals you have for your business in 2020?
  • what’s your elevator pitch?
  • why should clients choose you over another photographer? And;
  • describe the five key traits of your brand

Talk about getting straight to business!

AIPP Instagram Deep Dive event w Felisha Mina
Presenter (and AIPP Board member), Felisha Mina, kicks off the Instagram Deep Dive event

Features aren’t Frivolous

Instagram bios were the first official topic of the day, the place where you provide immediate context to who you are, what you do and where you’re located.

Felisha explained the use of Stories and Highlights features to build trust and authenticity and to help start conversations.

Posting images for the purpose of strengthening your brand identity was also discussed.

The AIPP Instagram account profile page including Highlights (four circles at the bottom) as discussed during the workshop

Participants were invited to bring their own laptop along and, being the hands-on workshop that it was, we were able to edit our profiles and accounts in real-time on the spot.

The ability to do this was fantastic!

As you may know if you’ve ever attended a workshop, sometimes putting your learnings into practice doesn’t always happen right away when you get home or back to work…or sometimes ever (or maybe that’s just me?! Ha!) 

AIPP Instagram Deep Dive event participants
AIPP Instagram Deep Dive event

Our first exercise was to refine our bios making sure our links and call to actions were in check and highlight categories updated.

This exercise itself was a highlight to many as a lot of ‘oohs and ahhhhs’ reverberated around the room from those who were learning this part for the first time.

When the excitement of bios and stories settled, we moved onto creating our content calendars.

Content is King

Felisha shared with everyone the importance of planning ahead for fixed calendar events such as Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day and using these themes to help generate business.

For example, maybe creating Valentine’s mini sessions or a special mother/daughter event for Mother’s Day.

Fixed Hallmark holidays aren’t the only thing to plan for. Felisha’s sample calendar also demonstrated you can set aside specific time to get working on important projects such as your award images etc. (FYI 2020 Epson State Professional Photography Awards rules can be found here and the general State Awards website here.)

Once again we were given time to start putting the lesson in to action by starting to plan out our own 2020 content calendars covering January – June.

Automation and competitions were two more hot topics of the day.

AIPP Instagram Deep Dive event w Felisha Mina
AIPP members workshopping at the Instagram Deep Dive event w Felisha Mina

Cruisin’ with Combin

Nobody wants to spend hours every day interacting on social media for business. There are some fabulous apps out there that can help with this.

One we first discovered during Felisha’s Instagram Hacks workshop was shared again: a favourite little nugget called Combin.

We won’t go into detail all about it here but do yourselves a favour and check it out! It’s a great way to automate interaction and increase the possibility of booking additional clients.

Combin Plan Details
Combin plan details. A free starter account is all you need to start upping your Instagram game

The hands-on portion of this topic had us create a Combin account and explore creating a list of searches and comments we can recycle every week.

We also discussed coming up with three potential prizes for an Instagram giveaway, developing effective copy for the competition campaign, and how to best create images, videos and/or graphics to promote said competition.

Phew! All of that in just two hours.

An Insightful Day

It was fabulously informative day overall and many a mind was blown by the amazing content shared with us by Felisha.

Here’s what some of our attendees had to say:

Fantastic – The type of thing that makes AIPP value for membership.

AIPP members at the Instagram Deep Dive event w Felisha Mina

Really great session. Loved the way Felisha was able to bring ideas to life with real world examples and drill down on to practical fixes for issues. Loved it.

AIPP Instagram Deep Dive event w Felisha Mina

Thanks so much for today’s workshop. I really loved all the useful content and hands-on nature of the info. It was great to be able to ask lots of questions and get immediate help and troubleshoot.

AIPP Instagram Deep Dive event w Felisha Mina

Key takeaways… COMBIN!! And the content calendar, and how to use it will be key to be insta-savvy in 2020. Thank you!

AIPP member working at the Instagram Deep Dive event w Felisha Mina

Felisha’s Instagram deep dive was great as it introduced me to many helpful apps and systems to integrate into my business. She was easy to listen to and answered questions in a way that was easy for Insta newbies to understand.

Attendants at the AIPP Instagram Deep Dive event w Felisha Mina

Thank you VIC Council and Felisha for a well-run and great event.

AIPP Instagram Deep Dive event
Another sold-out AIPP Victorian event!

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