Introducing the 2020 AIPP Awards Season!

Featured image: Mandarine Montgomery APP MPhotog IV

The AIPP Awards Committee welcomes you to a new decade and all of the exciting possibilities it brings!

We are constantly impressed with the rising standard of photography seen at the AIPP Awards, which continue to be acknowledged as one of the strongest professional photography award platforms in the world. We’re already looking forward to the excitement and camaraderie the state awards bring and then to APPA itself and all of the activities it entails.

The AIPP awards are constantly evolving to reflect member needs and changes in the industry itself. Post-APPA 2019 we asked members for feedback and received more than 75 wide-ranging and well-considered responses. As a result, we’ve introduced some exciting rule changes for 2020.

Following is a list of the main initiatives and changes. The fine print and any other changes will be included in the 2020 Rules, which are due to be released in the next few weeks.

  • A new Bronze category has been introduced for prints receiving a score of 75-79. At APPA, half Merit Points will still be available for entrants who score 78 or 79. All Bronze-awarded entrants will receive a certificate and digital watermark for use on websites and in marketing.
  • Entrants may now enter up to six entries in total at APPA. A maximum of four entries per print category remains, keeping the system fair for all entrants. (Some membership-category restrictions apply, so please read the rules.) This is a great opportunity for members to diversify entries across additional genres, with points from the top four scoring entries counting towards individual AIPP Honours.
  • As many more entrants will now have entries in more than one category, in order to win the Creative Category, the entrant must have submitted at least one print into at least four different qualifying print categories.
  • In recognition of those in our community who work hard to keep our historical traditions alive, the Alternative Processes Photographer of the Year is now known as the Alternative & Historical Processes Photographer of the Year. This is something that Sue Lewis was especially dedicated to supporting so we’d like to acknowledge her contribution leading to this change.
  • In past APPAs, merit points were not awarded in the Book, Album and Alternative & Historical Processes categories. As a result of feedback, we are delighted to announce that this year these table-top judged categories will be eligible for merit points provided they score in the top four of an individual’s entries. (Please read the rules for further information as restrictions apply for multi-photographer book and album entries.)
  • Subcategories have been simplified and updated to reflect the current practice of working professionals. Single Capture and Open subcategories have been replaced by three new subcategories. The 2020 Rules will contain full descriptions of the Authentic, Corrective and Creative Edit subcategories, so again, please read those definitions carefully before entering your prints.
  • The Australian Video Producer Awards also have some exciting new changes with the establishment of an AVPA Committee under the leadership of Rochelle Morris. The Committee are currently reviewing the Commercial category, to introduce a Broadcast & Corporate category. We’d like to thank the AIPP Board for their endorsement and support of the AVPA as it continues to grow. Further announcements will be made in the near future.

Stay tuned for further updates as we work together with the AIPP Board to give members even more benefits through the AIPP Awards system. With all change comes a period of readjustment, so please have patience as the new rules take effect and be kind to our wonderful Awards Administrator, Carla Mahony. She is working hard to ensure all elements of online entry and associated IT work cohesively, hopefully resulting in smooth sailing ahead.

Craig Wetjen

We would also like to formally welcome Craig Wetjen to the Awards Committee. Many of you will be familiar with Craig as friend, colleague, mentor and all-around nice guy. Over the years Craig has worked on many projects within and outside of the AIPP, bringing photographers together. One of his current projects, Photographer Walks for Wellbeing, continues to make a positive difference in the photography community as a whole.

Finally, we’d like to thank Sue Lewis for her 19 years of dedication to the AIPP Awards, during which time she has provided assistance and encouragement to countless photographers. All who’ve entered the awards since 2000 are probably familiar with her tireless efforts. The greatest testimony to her leadership is the powerhouse Events Team she has mentored. Over the past few years Sue also completed graduate studies, which has led to new directions in her career, however, she will be staying on to lead Team Australia in the 2020 World Photographic Cup. We wish her all the best as she takes on new challenges.

As a Committee, we’re looking forward to seeing more outstanding photographic imagery this year as we continue to work towards our Awards Mission Statement of raising the standard of professional photography and video production in Australia.

AIPP Awards Committee
Tony Hewitt, Robyn Campbell, Rochelle Morris, Gary Cranitch, Bill Bachman and Craig Wetjen


  1. Bruce Pottinger on January 22, 2020 at 3:32 am

    Welcome Craig to the Awards Team.

    Sue I have had a Fantastic and Fun time working with you, firstly as a sponsor for all those years and now as a team member of the AIPP. The effort you have put in to get the Awards to the high standard it is today is immeasurable. The Team you have trained will follow your training I am sure.
    Best regards and enjoyment in your future plans for this Decade. Cheers

  2. Mandarine Montgomery on January 22, 2020 at 12:07 pm

    Hi all, Thanks for this update. Some fabulous changes moving forward. I love all of them, except the last one- goodbye Sue 🙁 you will be really missed. Please boomerang back to us soon :)) xx

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