Post APPA Celebration – VIC

(Written by Melissa Wood & Katrina Ferguson. Photos by Melissa Wood.)

On September 3rd 2019 we hosted a post APPA celebration night for our fellow Victorians who weren’t able to join us in-person at the awards in Sydney back in August.

Many of those who were at the national awards also attended this post-event celebration, held in the upstairs function room at Malvern East’s Racecourse Hotel.

AIPP photographer's social event Victoria
AIPP photographers and sponsors mingling over a meal at the Racecourse Hotel, Malvern East.

We enjoyed a delicious dinner and toasted our talented pool of Victorian residing photographers.

A number of our members received their associates and masters ribbons, and some came away with coveted gold bars.

After acknowledging these achievements, we had eight Victorian members share details of their awards journey with us.

AIPP photographer's social event Victoria
Waiting for the evening to formally begin.

The evening’s speakers included Vic council member, mentor advocate and two-time gold award recipient at this year’s APPA, Fiona Handbury, and long-standing APPA event team member and 2018 co-Claude McCarthy Award recipient, Katrina Ferguson.

AIPP photographer's social event Victoria
Photographer and Victorian council member, Fiona Handbury, speaking at the post APPA celebration.

Katrina detailed the benefits of attending print critique nights throughout the awards season. Despite doing so, she unfortunately missed out on achieving her masters in 2019 by one elusive point.

AIPP photographer's social event Victoria
Back of house APPA veteran, Katrina Ferguson.
AIPP photographer's social event Victoria
A great turnout for the event.

Newly awarded Honorary Fellow, Craig Wetjen, addressed the room with an overarching message on mental health and was contrasted beautifully by talented student member, Susan Brunialti, still flying high after her informal induction into the gold award ‘club.’

AIPP photographer's social event Victoria
Honorary Fellow, Craig Wetjen.
AIPP photographer's social event Victoria
Student photographer, Susan Brunialti, still floating on air after her surprise gold award.

Deserving 2019 APPA category winners, Damien Bowerman (Portrait PPY), and Belinda Richards (Pet PPY) shared insight into each of their winning portfolios and careers in general.

This year’s win was long-awaited for Damien who has impressively been a runner-up in his category some five times prior.

AIPP photographer's social event Victoria
Australian Professional Portrait Photographer of the Year, Damien Bowerman, is ‘bridesmaid’ no more!

For Belinda, the Pet Photographer of the Year title wasn’t new.

She also won the category at the Victorian State awards. These impressive wins adding to her 2018 APPA title of Emerging Photographer of the Year.

AIPP photographer's social event Victoria. Belinda Richards, Frogdog studio
Pet Photographer of the Year, Belinda Richards.

Back-to-back-to-back Album of the Year Photographer, Eric Ronald, took us through the details of one of his signature international wedding commissions, peppered with personal insights.

He invited event guests to thumb through some of his award-winning albums at their leisure throughout the course of the evening.

AIPP photographer's social event Victoria
FRONT – BACK: Swati Hulsure, Rob Anderson and Christopher Ian enjoy the tactile experience of thumbing through a fine art wedding album by Album of the Year photographer, Eric Ronald.

APPA 2019’s Ilford Trophy (for the highest scoring print) was won by Victorian, Mandarine Montgomery, who finished off the evening with an insightful look at and discussion around her creative interpretation of what could be called ‘climate cancer,’ specifically the brutality of drought.

Mandarine Montogmery, the Ilford Trophy for highest scoring print at the 2019 Australian Professional Photography Awards
Image by Mandarine Montogmery, recipient of the Ilford Trophy for highest scoring print at the 2019 Australian Professional Photography Awards.
AIPP photographer's social event Victoria, photographer Mandarine Montgomery
Mandarine sharing insights into her winning image.

Thank you to those who joined our local post APPA celebration. It was a pleasure to meet in-person and trade stories about the awards season and life in general beyond.

Many thanks to the event’s speakers for their time and willingness to share insights into their careers and various awards journeys.

We look forward to meeting as a community again at the next one.

Best of luck, well in advance, for the 2020 awards season.

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