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Who is AIPP?

Photography and video creation are embraced by people across all walks of life. At AIPP we know image-making is about passion, feeling inspired and developing and fostering a talent. It's about finding an audience to share your work. It's a journey to perfect artistic expression, and sometimes it's even about gaining recognition.

AIPP is for anyone interested in image-making at any level. Supporting image-makers by connecting them with brands that will foster their creative vision and exposure, AIPP aligns with camera brands, retailers, art galleries, software companies, magazines and other leaders in travel, technology and business. Members of AIPP are provided with a platform that enables them to champion their art and share it with a broad and diverse audience.

A large network of photographers and video creators, AIPP also provides opportunities for networking, collaboration and mentoring. From virtual catch-ups, walking tours, workshops and a highly active social media following, there are many ways to stay engaged and feel up-to-date with what's going on in the wider community.

For those who want to step out and celebrate their work, AIPP hosts awards across photography and video. These capture the essence of storytelling, technical ability and innovation in these mediums.

AIPP is the home of video and photography.

"Friendship. Knowledge. Experience. Confidence. Connections. And most importantly, the opportunity to give back to the profession I love - the way that other members gave to me when I first joined. Membership of AIPP isn’t expensive, it’s priceless.”


“I love AIPP for the community it has provided me and the opportunities for professional development. It is like a family.”

Lacey Barratt APP AAIPP

'It's a place where the excitement for others success is just as heartfelt as others excitement for you when you achieve your own goals.'

Emily Black APP MPhotog

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About AIPP

The home of video and photography.

At AIPP we know image-making is about passion, feeling inspired and developing and fostering a talent. As the peak industry body for photo and video AIPP supports anyone interested in image-making at any level.